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The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. ~James Bryce

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Book Review: Red Rising - Pierce Brown

If you haven’t read Red Rising by @Pierce_Brown, you’re missing out #LiveForMore

red rising“What do you want me to do, Eo?”

“Act. I want you to use your gifts for your father’s dream. You see how people watch you, take their cues from you. I want you to think owning this land, our land, is worth the risk.”

“How much of a risk?”

“Your life. My life.”

I scoff. “You’re that eager to be rid of me?”

“Speak and they will listen,” she urges. “It is that bloody simple. All ears yearn for a…

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Review Roundup: Resistance is futile

Resistance is futile. some ‘sci fi’ book reviews

Science fiction is not a genre I read much. I love sci-fi tv (hello Firefly, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, to name a few). For some reason, I just can’t get into the books in the same way. But every so often I come across a book that sounds so interesting, I have to try the genre again. So these are a few books I consider sci-fi.

mila 2.0Mila 2.0 – Debra Driza

Synopsis: Mila was never…

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Some of the books that I consider my favorite are ones that rock me to my core, that leave me feeling like someone squeezed my heart really tightly for those 300 to 400 pages. But the idea of going through that experience for a second time? No, thank you.

Not only do I not want to experience that kind of emotional roller coaster for a second time (let’s ignore the fact that I continue to go through it, just with different books), but what if it is worse a second time around? Now that I know what is coming, will the ride only be worse because I am just waiting for events to occur? Will I even have the strength to continue through the book a second time around? Part of me thinks it is like knowing that an oven is hot and choosing to touch it anyway.

from On Books I Love That I’ll Never Reread by Rincey Abraham (via bookriot)